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You don’t need to spend tons of time reading through textbooks, lecture notes, searching Google, or across other websites in an attempt to become a calculus expert… all you’ll need is this one-stop-shop where everything is laid out to show you what you need to know without wasting time on the stuff you don’t need to know. If you’re ready to finally get the grades you want in calculus without having to spend all your free time doing extra problems, then keep reading…

Dear Friend,

If you want to get better grade in your calculus 1 class without wasting tons of time reading textbooks so you can get the grades you want while having more free time… then this is going to be the most important message you read all term.

Hi, my name is Jake Osterholt. You might know me as the creator of and the Jake’s Math Lessons YouTube Channel where I help people solve common calculus problems and understand important calculus topics.

A few years ago, I was a math tutor at the University of Oregon. I tutored math there for 3 years while I was a student. Most of my time tutoring was spent in the drop-in math lab, where people could come and work on their homework and I would be there to answer their questions as they came up.

As I worked there and helped dozens, then hundreds of students with calculus, I started to notice something interesting…

Just about every student who came in there was asking for help on the same questions.

And even more than that, it was always the same questions people were asking. Of course, a lot of the students in there were taking the same calculus class, with the same homework assignment. So I would frequently get the same question 10 times per day from 10 different student.

After this happened over and over from term to term, I really started to think about why every student was asking questions about the same few topics.

What was it about those topics that were so challenging?

And I came to an interesting realization: it wasn’t that certain topics were inherently difficult for people to learn at all. It was just that people needed to take a step back and visualize what they’re trying to do, and come at the problem from a different angle.

Most of the time, students just needed a slight shift in how they were thinking about or visualizing the problems they got stuck on. All I had to do was find the disconnect between how people were thinking about the problem and how they should be thinking about that type of problem so I could steer them toward the path that would make it all click.

Once that shift is made, I would make an effort to explain how that same approach can apply to other problems that are similar, and the things they should look for going forward. This would always help people understand how to get through problems on their own by understanding the patterns that are consistent in math.

This is a very powerful shift to make because math is all about understanding patterns.

It’s about recognizing the logical pathways to get you from problem to solution.

And after helping hundreds of students make this shift as a tutor, I figured why not capture that process and put it in a nice little package so everyone can make this shift?

If it works for hundreds of students stuck on the same things as you, it’ll work for you too…

I’d Like To Introduce You To…

The Jake’s Math Lessons Complete Calculus 1 Package

There’s a lot to learn in a typical calculus 1 course. And it’s hard to make sense of it all. I remember when I took calculus, (or any other math class for that matter) there was always so many sources to look through.

You have a textbook assigned for the class. Which you have to cross-reference with your course syllabus to figure out which chapters you actually need to read. Because even though you have this big textbook, you really only need some of the chapters.

Then there’s the notes you take during lectures from your teacher or professor.

Then there’s notes that your instructor posts on Blackboard or Canvas.

And after all that you still end up getting assigned homework problems that you’ve never seen. So you end up searching Google to find a similar problem.

That’s too much to keep track of. It’s exhausting.

Well that’s exactly why I put together this complete calculus 1 package. So, everything you need to know is all in one place.

Imagine This…

Imagine this for a minute. You sit down at your desk to get working on your calculus homework. You pull out your textbook, your notebook, and your pencil. And you look at the first problem you need to do for homework.

Maybe you know exactly how to do the problem right off the bat. That’s great when that happens. I love that.

But let’s just say for a minute that you don’t know how to do it at first look. You are learning calculus after all. You aren’t going to know how to do all the problems at first glance. That’s part of learning.

At this point, you’re probably used to shuffling through notes, syllabi, textbook chapters, and the internet to get an idea of how to approach this problem. All of that searching takes forever, and eventually gets quite frustrating.

Maybe even infuriating sometimes.

But instead of having to go through all that, this time you just get to pull up this one single resource: The Jake’s Math Lessons Complete Calculus 1 Package. You quickly scan the table of contents and pull up the section that corresponds to this homework assignment.

Then you have a bunch of helpful information all in one place. You get a video explanation that really breaks it down for you and some other problems you can take a look at (which all have full solutions included). And then you scroll down and there may even be some links to additional resources you can check out as a bonus.

So you don’t have to read a hard-to-understand textbook, or scour the internet. It’s all right there.

Right in front of you.

All in one place.

So you waste no time. You check out this one resource and see how to do the problem you got stuck on. So you can get it done and move onto the next problem.

And odds are, you already know how to do the next problem too thanks to the video you just watched and the extra references you just looked at.

That’s some pretty easy homework right? No pulling out your hair, no snapping pencils in half, no cursing under your breath. Just simply referencing one complete resource and getting your homework done in a breeze. Leaving you with more free time to work on homework from another class or get up from your desk and go have some fun!

Why would I buy this package when there’s so much information about calculus on the internet for free?

Did you read that scenario I just had us imagine together a minute ago?

That can’t happen if you’re trying to scour the internet to find the answers you need. Or all of your notes. Or the textbook you already have. It takes way too long because there is basically an infinite amount of information out there on the internet. So what you’re getting with this complete calculus 1 package is a more effective learning process.

You’re paying for a streamlined studying and homework process that will save you tons of time. The reason it will save you time is that I know EXACTLY what you need to know to excel in a calculus class.

And I’m going to give you exactly what you need to know. And the tricks, shortcuts, and common pitfalls to avoid.

I’m not going to waste your time with a bunch of other “interesting” fluff. And don’t get me wrong, I do think that extra stuff is interesting. That’s why I majored in math. I love that extra, interesting stuff. But that extra stuff doesn’t get you an A in the calculus class you’re taking right now.

It doesn’t help you get your homework done faster or more accurately.

And it doesn’t help you study more effectively when a test is coming up.

With this package, I will make sure you know exactly what you need to do well in calculus 1. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

And it’s easy to understand

I don’t know about you, but I think textbooks can be hard to follow at times. They seem to use more complex language than they need to use. Which can make it hard to make sense of the material they are trying to communicate to you.

Especially when you’re trying to learn the material for the first time.

I do think the technical language and the calculus jargon you see in most textbooks is important to understand in order to master calculus. Or if you want to dive deep into the topic and further your studies. But I don’t think it makes sense to dive head first into the deep end when you’re just learning to swim.

That’s why I use casual, easy to understand language in this calculus 1 package. I’m going to talk to you like a friend. Because I’m in this journey with you. I want to be a part of it.

So I talk like I’m your buddy. So you can put all of your attention to making sense of how to apply the concepts you need to know and you can worry about the vocabulary later. Of course, I don’t ignore the important words you need to understand in calculus. But I put them in terms that are easy to understand.

Whether you’re taking this first calculus class as a prerequisite for much higher level math, or if this is the last math class you ever plan on taking and can’t wait to get onto your history coursework, I make sure it’s easy to understand. How are you supposed to learn how to apply mathematical concepts if you don’t even understand what your professor, teacher, or textbook are trying to communicate?

I’m guessing that wouldn’t end too well. So I figure it’s best to make sure that’s not even an issue that can come up.

With this package, you’ll gain a deep understanding of topics like…

  • Study guide full of helpful formulas and tricks
  • Access to comprehensive calculus 1 video lessons
  • Worksheets and full solutions for all of the topics covered in the video lessons

Topics covered in this package:

  • Review of important functions and their inverses
  • Translations and transformations
  • Composite functions
  • Piecewise functions
  • Limits and one-sided limits
  • Continuity and continuous functions
  • Definition of a derivative and what it means
  • Average rate of change
  • Power rule, product rule, quotient rule, and chain rule
  • Derivatives of trig functions
  • Position, velocity, and acceleration
  • L’Hospital’s Rule
  • Equation of a tangent line and linear approximation
  • Implicit differentiation and related rates
  • Local and absolute maximums and minimums (optimization problems)
  • Total distance based on a position function (NOT total distance based on velocity or acceleration)

Topics NOT included in this package:

  • Anti-derivatives or integration
  • Area under the curve
  • Total distance based on velocity, speed, or acceleration
  • Sequences or series

This all sounds amazing, but how much does it cost?

There’s all sorts of calculus 1 courses that cover all of these same topics all over the internet listed in the $90 – $130 range. But I think that’s a little steep for a lot of people. Especially when you’ve probably already spent that much or more getting the textbook your class required.

And I really wanted to make sure as many people could get their hands on this total package as possible. Because I know it can help a lot of people get fantastic scores on their calculus assignments and exams all while saving time.

Math can be super interesting and even fun. I don’t want anyone to be so frustrated by the whole process of learning it.

So I’m not even going to charge you half of what all these other courses are going for.

In fact, I won’t even charge a quarter of the others.

If you go grab this package now, you can get started with it today for only…




What if this doesn’t make calculus any easier?

I really doubt this will be an issue. I’ve put this package together based on 3 years of tutoring experience where I was able to figure out exactly what causes problems for people. And I’m extremely confident these same tactics will be just as helpful for you.

But in case I’m wrong… I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. So this Complete Calculus 1 Package comes with a 60 day, 110% money back guarantee.

That’s right 110%.

If you go through all the materials in this package, watch all the videos, do all the practice problems, and have the study guide by your side through all of it… and you really think it was a waste of your time and money within 60 days, I’ll give you all of your money back PLUS 10% of your purchase price for wasting your time.

So you literally have nothing to lose.

This comprehensive tool will either get you a better grade in calculus 1 and save you time… or it’ll make you a little bit of money if it really is no help to you.

What are you waiting for?

I think this is the most common thing I hear people say: “I wish I started sooner…”

And trust me, you don’t want to look back at this moment and say that. I’m sure you’re trying to decide between two choices at this point: buy this calculus 1 package now, or ride the term out and see if you really need it.

And I get that, why spend the money if you don’t need to? I’ve been in your shoes before. So let’s say you don’t buy this package right now and you decide to wait. You keep doing what you’ve been doing and see how it goes. Maybe your grade is a little lower than you’d like it to be, but there’s plenty of time left in the term to get it up.

But here’s the problem.

The sooner you grab this calculus package and get started with it, the more effective it’s going to be. If you wait until the end of the term and come back, it will likely be too late to boost your grade much. It won’t pack the same punch. And I’m guessing at that point, you’ll look back to this moment and wish you got started today.

I heard an interesting quote once, which I’ll paraphrase because I can’t remember the exact wording. The best time to take the first step was weeks, or months ago, but unfortunately we can’t do anything about that. The second best time to take the first step is now. Don’t miss out on your second chance by waiting any longer. Take this first step today!

Because if you grab this package now, you’ll have as much time left in the term to get a higher grade as possible. This complete package will be much more likely to be the only thing you need to get you over the hump into the next letter grade up.

Instead of looking back on this moment. This decision. And wishing you made a different decision, you’ll look back and think, “I sure am glad I started when I did.”

So please, for your future self, don’t wait.

I’ll see you on the other side, friend. Better grades, here we come!

Jake Osterholt