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Stop spending so much time being frustrated or confused while learning calculus.

Learning calculus doesn’t have to take hours of being confused or angry about the problems on your homework you always get stuck on.

Here’s how you can shift the way you think about math so you can gain a better understanding in less time…

Dear friend,

If you want to improve your scores in calculus without having to spend all of your free time trying to make sense of a complicated textbook or confusing lecture notes, then this is going to be the most important message you read all day.

Here’s why…

Meet Amanda.

Amanda was learning about integration with u-substitution, and she did not understand it. She had been in the drop in math tutoring center (where I tutored) for a while, struggling through the same problem without making much progress one afternoon. She was looking at her notes, reading the chapter in the textbook, and trying the problem a bunch of different ways and nothing was working.

Good for Amanda though for the effort and experimenting. I was impressed with her effort. But after several attempts at this one problem and no right answer, Amanda was getting frustrated.

She was starting to feel like she would never get it. She was frustrated to the point of tears. By the time this student was asking for my guidance, she was asking for help with tears running down her cheeks.

And quite frankly, I don’t blame her. I’m sure you’ve felt this level of frustration before. Again, I know I have been there once or twice.

It sucks… A lot….

So here’s what happened

I pulled up a white board and listened to Amanda’s frustrations. It was obvious that she was tired of being stuck on this problem and just simply not getting it. So I helped her take a step back and relax for a minute. Then I helped walk her through the problem calmly and slowly. She was getting stuck on the same points that most other students asking for help on that type of problem get stuck on.

So I knew exactly how to help her. Exactly how to explain it so it would click for her.

And after a few minutes of sitting with her, she had that light bulb moment.

I’m sure you’re familiar with that. That light bulb moment is always such a relief when it comes after being so frustrated. And I love being able to help students get to that point. It’s such a gratifying feeling to help people feel that relief. It’s easily my favorite part of tutoring.

And the best part is…

This is just one example of a student I was able to help like this.

Let me introduce you to my tutoring process…

With 3 years of experience tutoring, I’ve figured out how to replicate this process and have helped countless other students reach their light bulb moment.

This repeatable process can help you alleviate similar frustrations like I did with Amanda.

Here’s what life could look like after working with me…

If you choose to work with me for one-on-one online tutoring, I can help you avoid these frustrations and get to your light bulb moment faster and easier.

Imagine you could get your homework done faster and with more right answers.

Imagine you didn’t have to spend so many hours studying for every exam and still improve your scores.

These are all the possible improvements I can help you achieve.


Here’s how it works

Now, I don’t want you thinking I’m going to be doing your homework for you or giving you all the answers you’ll need on your exam.

What I can help you with is re-framing the way you think about the hardest types of problems.  I’ve learned that a lot of professors and textbooks explain things in a technical fashion, that often doesn’t make a lot of sense for someone learning a topic for the first time.

Here’s why it works

I’ve learned that a lot of students just need things explained to them coming from a different approach.  This is the approach I can offer.

One that finally makes sense!

And once you start approaching problems a little bit differently, they suddenly seem a lot less scary.  You may notice that you don’t get stuck as often.  Or maybe you’ll notice that problems won’t take as long as they used to.

This alternate approach is often all it takes for what feels like a significant improvement.

So your probably wondering how much this costs.

Well, ordinarily I would want to charge $60+ per hour for online one-on-one tutoring.

But I just recently got set up on a tutoring platform called Wyzant.  Although I have lots of experience helping students improve their calculus skills, I’m new on this platform.

As a result, I’m slowly increasing my price so I can accumulate some 5 star ratings on Wyzant.

So if you get signed up now, I’m ONLY charging $50 per hour for online one-on-one tutoring!

I can’t guarantee this rate for long, but if you sign up for tutoring now you can lock in this low rate for any tutoring you get from me for the rest of the term. Even if I raise my rate, it would not increase for students I started working with before the increase that same term.  It’s only a matter of time before I start getting enough ratings built up on this new platform (new for me anyways) to start raising my rate up to what I’d like to charge. My hourly rate has already increased from $20/hour to $50/hour.

Make sure you get signed up for tutoring before that happens.

New users can even get the first session for up to $40 off for using my referral link and signing up for tutoring with me or another tutor on Wyzant.

Which means you’d be getting our first session paid for just by using my referral link!  There may be a small processing fee added on by Wyzant so the first session of tutoring with me may cost you a few dollars, but that’s nothing for getting to experience your light bulb moment!

Get signed up now and let me help you have your light bulb moment. It’s free to get started so you have nothing to lose. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did once you have that light bulb moment.

Here’s what people are saying

“Very helpful! Jake was awesome! He made it very easy to understand and was very helpful in teaching me. He walked me through all the steps until I had a full understanding of the problem. I would definitely recommend him to be your tutor!”

– Kaidin

“Amazing tutor and with deep knowledge of Calculus. Excellent tutor for calculus which makes intuitive sense. The visuals in the lectures are excellent, specifically on the explanation of limits. Passionate teacher who has not only clearly made significant efforts to create his material, but delivers it in a structure and style which will help you build rock solid foundation of single variable calculus.”

– Kenny

“IB math studies explained techniques patiently. Jake did a great job working through math problems at IB junior level. My son was struggling understanding certain topics. He took the time to patiently go over the problem and explain how it needed to be done. Thanks Jake.”

– Dharini

“Great teacher. Jake O is very patient and was not condescending in any way. I appreciated his empathy and ability to explain complicated topics in a digestible way.”

– Max


So I guess you have 2 choices…

You may be thinking, “I don’t need tutoring to pass this class.  And besides, $50/hour is too much!”

And you might be right about not needing any tutoring to get through calculus, a lot of people do well without a tutor.  But what if you end up needing a tutor later once the concepts start getting tougher?

If you get signed up for tutoring with me now, I’ll be able to continue offering tutoring to you for $50/hour for the rest of the term.  Even if I raise my rate in the next couple weeks.  If you sign up now, you can keep getting signed up for $50/hour for the rest of this term.

 You might end up realizing that a little extra help from a pro can be the difference between passing or failing, or the difference between an A and a B.  But if you wait, my rate may go up and that little extra help could end up costing you even more than it would now.

Why risk it?  Go get signed up right here and now.

Or maybe you’re thinking, “let’s do it!  I have been thinking about getting a little more help and this is a great deal, sign me up!”  I hope that is what you’re thinking, and I think you’re right.

Now is the time to get signed up.  At the very least, your homework and studying could become a little bit easier and less time consuming.  Maybe even more than that, your grade could increase by a whole letter grade or two with a little extra help from a pro.

And it’s never gunna get more affordable to work with me, so it’s a win win.  Let’s do it, I can’t wait!

See you soon,

Jake Osterholt

P.S.  The 5 star reviews on Wyzant have already started rolling in, my price may not stay so low for long.  I don’t think you should wait to get signed up.

All ratings on Wyzant as of 12/2/2020.


** The Wyzant referral link on this page will get you up to $40 off if you book tutoring on Wyzant with me or another tutor and I will get a small referral bonus from Wyzant at no additional cost to you.**