DFS Picks with Math

How I’m Using Simple Math to Hack MLB DFS Tournaments on FanDuel and DraftKings (And How You Can Too). Scroll down to see all DFS Picks with Math related posts.

Background and General Strategy

Introduction to DFS Picks With Math
FanDuel vs DraftKings Scoring for MLB
How Scoring Differences in FanDuel vs DraftKings Impact Our Optimizer
DFS Contest Types: Tournaments vs 50/50s
Lineup Strategy Differences in Tournaments vs 50/50s
High Variance or Low Variance in Tournaments vs 50/50s
Common Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy
Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Stacking
Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Stacking (Part 2)
How Many Daily Fantasy Tournament Lineups Should I Enter?
Effortless Python Setup for Beginners: Kickstart Your Daily Fantasy Baseball Optimizer Journey

Optimization Problems

Solving Optimization Problems in Calculus: A Daily Fantasy Baseball Connection
Solving Optimization Problems with Calculus: Expanding from Simple to Complex Examples