FanDuel vs DraftKings Scoring for MLB

We should start by discussing the difference between the scoring systems used for FanDuel vs DraftKings. Their scoring for MLB (baseball) contests are similar, but not exactly the same. We will need to keep these differences in mind as we build our FanDuel lineup optimizer. And you will need to keep them in mind if you plan to adapt the methods I discuss to use them in DraftKings.

FanDuel vs DraftKings Scoring for MLB

FanDuel Scoring for MLB

As of the time of this writing, the table below shows the fantasy points received for each stat a player records.

1B (Single) = +3 pointsW (Win) = +6 points
2B (Double) = +6 pointsQuality Start = +4 points
3B (Triple) = +9 pointsER (Earned Run) = -3 points
HR (Home Run) = +12 pointsSO (Strikeout) = +3 points
RBI (Run Batted In)= +3.5 pointsIP (Innings Pitched) = +3 points*
R (Run) = +3.2 points
BB (Walk) = +3 points
SB (Stolen Base) = +6 points
HBP (Hit by Pitch) = +3 points

* Fractional scoring per out.
Notes: Quality Start is awarded to a starting pitcher who completes at least six innings and permits no more than three earned runs.

DraftKings Scoring for MLB

1B (Single) = +3 pointsW (Win) = +4 points
2B (Double) = +5 pointsER (Earned Run) = -2 points
3B (Triple) = +8 pointsSO (Strikeout) = +2 points
HR (Home Run) = +10 pointsIP (Innings Pitched) = +2.25 points (+0.75 Pts / Out)
RBI (Run Batted In)= +2 pointsHit Against = -0.6 points
R (Run) = +2 pointsBase on Balls Against (Walk) = -0.6 points
BB (Walk) = +2 pointsHit Batsman (HBP Allowed) = -0.6
SB (Stolen Base) = +5 pointsComplete Game = +2.5 points
HBP (Hit by Pitch) = +2 pointsComplete Game Shutout = +2.5 points
No Hitter = +5 points

Notes: Hitting statistics for Pitchers will not be counted, and Pitching statistics for Hitters will not be counted.

Which will we use?

For the posts that will follow, we will be using FanDuel scoring. However, feel free to consider how the methods described in these posts can be adapted to the DraftKings scoring. If you are a DraftKings player, or prefer that scoring system, I will do my best to present the topics we use in a way that you can use them yourself.

It is my goal for this series of posts that you will be able to take the methods I use and write about to do your own experiments. This means it should be simple for you to change the points received for each stat category and create your own system for DraftKings or any other Daily Fantasy Sports site.

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