How Scoring Differences in FanDuel vs DraftKings Impact Our Optimizer

Now that we have talked about the differences between FanDuel vs DraftKings scoring, we need to touch on how this will actually impact our strategy. Since we will be creating a mathematical model eventually, this can be easily adjusted. We will be able to account for these differences in our projected points automatically.

However, it will be helpful to take a moment to think about what we expect to change before jumping into it. I generally recommend this for any math problem or application of math concepts. It is very helpful to think about what result you expect ahead of time so you will have some idea at the end if something went horribly wrong and your answer is not even reasonable.

Unfortunately, this happens sometimes. But if you recognize it, you have the chance to fix the error instead of submitting several paid DFS lineups based on a flawed system. This would not end well (as you might expect), so it’s best to avoid it.

For reference, here is a breakdown of everything that gets points for an MLB contest on both sites.

FanDuel vs DraftKings Scoring

Differences For Hitters Between FanDuel and DraftKings

Both sites give you +3 points if your player hits a single. However, on FanDuel all extra base hits are worth more than they are on DraftKings. Also, getting a Walk or Hit by Pitch is worth the same as a single in FanDuel, while DraftKings only gives +2 points for those. DraftKings also values an RBI and a Run at +2 points, while they are worth +3.5 and +3.2 points respectively on FanDuel.

This means that relatively speaking, a player getting extra base hits and creating runs for their team through RBI, Runs, Stolen Bases, and getting on base without hits is more valuable on FanDuel than it is on DraftKings. Instead, a player with a lot of singles would have relatively higher value on DraftKings. So, we might expect stats like OBP (On Base Percentage) or SLG (Slugging Percentage) to be more correlated to fantasy points on FanDuel, and a stat like AVE (Batting Average) to be more correlated to fantasy points on DraftKings.

Differences For Pitchers Between FanDuel and DraftKings

The main difference between the two scoring systems here, is what pitchers actually receive points for. In DraftKings, things like walks and hits allowed matter. They directly take fantasy points away from the pitcher. This is not the case in FanDuel. FanDuel really only looks at ER (Earned Runs Allowed), Strike Outs, and IP (Innings Pitched).

Because of these differences, we might expect pitchers with a low ERA (Earned Run Average), who pitch more innings, or who throw a lot of Strike Outs to be more valuable in FanDuel. Similarly, we might expect players with a low WHIP (Walks and Hits allowed per Inning Pitched) to be more valuable in DraftKings.

Final Thoughts on Scoring Differences

I do not want to go into too much detail on why these differences matter yet. I just wanted to get you thinking about them a bit now so you can keep that in mind as we build up to more detail on the topic.

Next, we are going to discuss the different game modes offered by FanDuel and DraftKings. Similar to the scoring differences, we will dive into how the differences in rules between game modes will impact our lineup creating strategy. If you want to be notified via email when these posts go up, just put your information in the form below and I’ll let you know as I post them.

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